Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beidou(Compass) Navigation System: Pakistan next option

Global Positioning System may be heaven for a commoner but it may never be for some particular organization and institutions in the world and especially if such a system is operated by single state. Boost in the usage of GPS started from 1994 when US military all 24 satellites became fully operational. The precision that US military needed badly in Cold War era for launching Ballistic missiles came late. GPS users around the world except from US military and it closest allies have access to only low level signals which are not sufficient enough to built strategies in both aggressive and defensive roles. In fact the European states were not even satisfied with the reception they are receiving from this huge network, this has led them to start their own program by the name of Galileo Positioning System which would help them become independent from Russian GLONASS and US GPS systems.
Here comes Beidou :
Assume a scenario in which Pakistan is again being accused of proliferating the nuclear technology and the allies want to destroy the nuclear plants with their so called best strategy "BLAST OFF!!!". The sorties for this air raid would include F-22s and F-35s who are by far the best stealth planes in the world until Sukhoi T-50 gets operational status and J-20 pops out from the chalk board. F-35 besides being stealthy has by far the best radar jammer in the world since it jammed F-22 Raptor. In that case Pakistan fighter planes would have only one back up plan that is to use their GPS, but here comes the sad part the GPS is also made by the aggressors. They could easily create area access denial with in minutes during the raid and pilots would have no clue what to look for and where to find them?
At this point the Beidou Navigation System kicks in. Beidou will be a global satellite navigation system consisting of 35 satellites built by our most trusted allies China. The system is still under construction. It is planned to give coverage in Asia-Pacific region by 2012 and the global system should be finished by 2020. Pakistan Air Force if uses this system with in their ongoing collaboration with China in building and exporting JF-17 Thunder and customize FC-20s exclusively being built for Pakistan, this would give them a much better stand against any attempt by other forces in the region. Then Navy and Armed Forces can also worked out their strategies and built their own systems with close collaboration with China.
What China has in this deal?
China would obviously like to have their own personal gains from this deal.
China would have first time a kind of opportunity to test their space technology from the base in another country. This would also mean that countries who do not have good relations with United States would finally have an alternative that is friendly towards them and gives them a little more secure intelligence. China would have an advantage in selling their weapons around the world because it now has completely different way of dealing with aggressors and would have a secure line of sight until it hits the target.

And finally it could end the Unipolar world. Being optimistic : )

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