Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finger at Trigger

This could be it. The opportunity that West is looking for. A nation toppling at their feet with tenth largest reserve of oil. Compare to size of the country population is not as much. A country whose major cities faces Europe. Italy has already provided the country with their flavor when it was their colony and it would not be a matter of time when will be see reforms being made to bring back the Italian families that left in 1969 when General Gadhafi took over from the King of Libya. Russia put on hold $6 Billion of military equipment to Libya in current crisis but rest assure Russia will not be able to sell that much ever again in that country because West will flood his commodities and products in that market.
People are deprived from the social needs and they are hungry for shops such as Louis Vuitton and Prada to open there.
May be we could see United Arab Emirates scenario there. Country being broke up in several smaller states protected under one banner and only selling their oil for luxuries that West provide. This state could also become enemies to its former allies such as Venezuela. In short puppet in the hands of West.

How all these points mention above integrate together?
New government will be heavily reliable on western support. Already CIA is providing the opposition with weapons. Remember the same strategy was used before and it became one of the biggest nightmare in North Africa.
With new government the point could be there at table to either release Libyan $30 billion in U.S banks or the whole point could disappear from the shelves. This depends totally on how Libyan government plays at the Flow Chart given by U.S and other European States.
This also means one more vote for U.S when taking actions against a dictator in future. Libya could become an example of independence for their freedom of speech in modern days. It could be much more I will leave this point for CNN, BBC and Fox.

Longterm Financial Investment
Although U.S is very reluctant to handle command and control of Libya operations now because of his other so called war on terror problems. The nations in NATO are also not united about handling of the current crisis. Germany and Turkey abstain from giving vote. Other major economies also did not favored this scheme of U.S led coalition force. The major voice makers are China and Russia. Further supporting countries include Brazil, India and Turkey.
But currently NATO has taken charge, this means for European markets that Libya is safe to invest. Major investing opportunity would be oil industry. ENI is there for quite some time. BP would try to grasp that opportunity too. All in all it depends on how West place it fingers on oil rich nation. 


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