Friday, February 11, 2011

Uncertainity in Asia

Developing nations are currently bolstering there air forces to safeguard their interest. Economic boom in the third world countries such as India are bringing forth new multi billion dollar deals such as MMRCA competition. Those who cannot afford these programs are building up their air forces with the help from the super powers such as in the case of Indonesia buying SU-30s, F-16s fleet upgradation by Taiwan and Pakistan. With all that fire power if one nation takes a wrong move then the entire Asia can suffer the consequences at the time when they are emerging as global leaders.
For example in India there is a growing hype that China is messing with the borders of Arunachal Pradesh. Generals of both armies have made it clear that there is no such activity going on but media is still bursting with stories which portrays a black cloud over there. These stories has led the Indian Air Force to deploy a squadron of SU-30MKI there. China also made a move by building seven foward air bases in Tibet region. All this is going on in a place where there is nothing but ice to walk onto. 

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